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Durable Monument Signs
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Durable Monument Signs


Monument signs are most often installed at the entrances of significant buildings such as corporate offices, churches, schools, and any other structure in need of an impressive introduction.

custom foam monument signA monument sign is a free-standing construction. Materials can vary widely, including (but not limited to) stone, brick, marble, metal, or concrete. Monument signs present the name and logo of your business, and you can add more directional information if you want to. Monument signs are usually designed to complement your other outdoor signage, delivering a consistent and cohesive message to visitors. If you’re ready to set yourself apart from other businesses in your area, we’d be happy to design and construct an attractive, effective monument sign for you using premium materials and all of our design expertise.

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An Impressive Entrance

custom monument signMonuments signs work wonders for a wide range of different businesses and organizations. A proper monument sign is eye-catching and memorably unique, delivering a long-lasting message to both visitors and passers-by.

Most monument signs are designed to display their message at eye level, without the need for posts pillars, and other forms of support structures. Because they lack these potential weak spots, monument signs are immensely durable and long-lasting, standing up very well to weathering and other forms of degradation. A monument sign is an excellent long-term investment.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Tenant Monument SignMonument signs are becoming especially popular for multi-tenant properties such as shopping centers and business parks. For premises like this, we recommend a multi-tenant monument sign which conveys the names of all of the property’s different businesses and provides a facilities directory. Multi-tenant signs can also serve a useful informational purpose on extremely large corporate campuses where visitors will need directions to different departments.

When you’re looking for a tough, eye-catching, traffic-stopping sign for your business or multi-business development, a monument sign is a perfect choice.

Custom Signs For Every Budget

Custom Monument SignWe make each monument sign from scratch to exactly suit the specific needs of the individual client. We have enough different size, material, and design options available to accommodate every budget and situation.

Whether you’re looking for something massive and show-stopping or a more modest, functional sign, we have the expertise, tools, and premium materials required to make your ideas a reality.

Free Monument Sign Consultation

Trust Beaverton Sign Company to meet all of your locally-built monument sign needs when you want to announce your business and your brand in a professional, long-lasting way.

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